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  • SapphicSis Social Dating offers adult single lesbians/non straight women (only), the opportunity to meet socially with a view to dates/long term relationships.

  • SapphicSis Social Dating is not speed dating nor does it offer personalised matchmaking.

  • You are not permitted to make contact with anyone (via email, text, social media, etc) after the dating event without their permission, or without them having passed their details on to you. 

  • The attendance fee must be paid before the event (or at the event if required). Attendance fees are based on the particular Social Dating Event and its location. Event fees are viewable via the individual dating event listing.

  • No refunds are given for non attendance to a dating event.

  • Refunds are availabe if the dating event is cancelled or rescheduled, in which case you will be offered the option to reserve your place for the rescheduled or an upcoming dating event.

  • Any food/drink you order at any venue must be paid for before leaving.

  • Food will sometimes be offered free of charge. There will be events where only drinks are available (either free, or at a cost where a bar is available).

  • Any harassing behaviours will be dealt with appropriately.

  • All information gathered via is treated with the strictest confidence. 

  • user details are never sold or shared with third parties.

  • For the purpose of registration to the site and events, data collected from users/members include: names, email addresses, ages and location.

  • You may be contacted by admin after an event, if someone was interested in you but was too shy to approach you and therefore asked the host to make contact on their behalf. You are under no obligation to make contact with the person in question.

  • Payment processing plugins (currently, SumUp and Paypal) are used to take payments for attendance to various events.

  • Credit/debit card details are not accessible to the owner/admin of or any of its users.

  • No part of the website ( must be cloned, copied or duplicated.

  • Admin reserves the right to cancel memberships and delete user details at any time.

  • These terms are subject to change.

Parties/Social Events 

  • Social events in the form of parties are offered for lesbians/bi/queer women to attend. These are non-dating social events and are open events (open to general public - sapphic women only).

  • members have the option to take out a free 'Member Discounts Plan', which offers attendance to eligible events at a discount.

  • The Member Discounts Plan has a duration of 6 months and does not auto renew. There is no charge after the subscription period.

  • Admin reserves the right to cancel subscriptions/plans and delete user details at any time.

  • These terms are subject to change.


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