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No dating apps, no speed dating


How do I attend a dating event?

Visit the dating events page, and register.

What can I expect?

A relaxed, non pressured social dating experience.

Single women socialise, enjoy a glass of wine, alcohol, soft drink, or just a cuppa!

It's all very easy going. 

Food (incl vegan/veggie options) will be available either as part of the attendance fee, or offered at the venue for purchase. 

You are then able to chat and get to know other each other at your own pace.

All have the opportunity to socialise in a natural non-forced way, with a view to swapping details and securing a date.

The fact that everyone present is there for the same reason takes the pressure off.

Bear in mind nothing is guaranteed, - dating in whatever form can take time. 

The nature of our dating events increases your chances of meeting someone for a relationship.

How much will it cost?

Attendance fees vary depending on venue and location. Each event listing will disclose the attendance fee.

How will I know there are others attending?

There is a minimum guest requirement for social dating events to take place.

What happens if the minimum number isn't met?

The event will be rescheduled.

You will have the option of a refund, or to keep your place on hold for another upcoming social dating event.


Can I see other members' profiles?

No. Other dating sites and apps require you to upload a photo, enter some details, and then the searching begins. Swipe left, swipe right, swipe left...

There's no denying an attraction when viewing a photo, but a photo reveals nothing else.

If there is no connection, the photo means nothing,

Attending a social dating event means you are able to meet, socialise and chat with number of women, therefore increasing your chances of making a real and positive connection. 

Where will the dating events take place?

Currently in various locations within Cornwall and the Southwest, UK.


Can I bring a friend with me?

No. Social dating events are held for single women seeking dates and relationships.​

​Will I be matched with someone?

SapphicSis Social Dating does not offer matchmaking (nor is it speed dating).

I met someone I liked, can I contact them after the event?

Only if they have given you permission to do so.


What if I'm interested in someone but am too shy to exchange details?

Try not to worry about it. Not everyone can be that super-confident person. The first move can be unnerving in any situation. However, you may find that the conversation just flows to a natural positive end. Try not to pressure yourself, and just enjoy the evening. See it as a social event first, and this may bring you a level of calm. The event host will also be there to gently put everyone at ease.

See HERE for another way to make contact at the dating event.

I gave someone my details but they didn't get in touch

It may not mean they weren't interested in you. Their connection with you might have felt more like friendship, or they may have met someone who lives closer, or had more in common with regarding hobbies/lifestyle, etc.

The reasons can be endless and not necessarily negative.

Dating takes time. People need to feel sure.

Don't take it personally. There is someone out there for everyone. Social dating events help you find that someone.

Please note that your details will never be sent or given to anyone without consent, and any details left behind/not taken will be properly disposed of. 


What happens if I can no longer attend?

Visit the social dating event listing and cancel your registration.

No refunds given for non-attendance.

If the event is cancelled/rescheduled = 100% refund (or opt to have your place put on hold for the rescheduled or an upcoming dating event). 

I have a question that isn't listed here.​

Not a problem. Contact

Attend dating faq
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