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'An attraction can be instant with a photo online, but a connection is better, in person'.

Here's how it works:​

  • Set in various locations (private venues, picnics, etc), single women relax, socialise and get to know each other in a gentle, non-forced way. Ambient background music often gently enhances the atmosphere

  • No speed dating, no apps. ust single women socialising with a view to making a connectin and securing dates.

  • See it as a social event first, which helps to lessen nerves. Everyone present is single and looking for love/dates/a relationship, so no one needs to feel awkward or out of place

  • Social dating events are currently taking place within the Southwest, UK

View the FAQ below to find out more

SapphicSisDating for single lesbians who want to date in person, not online.
Lesbians. Find love, find dates in person, not online.
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